Ventura County Wedding Photographer – Paparazzi Guests!

When I meet with my couples I like to go over my contract and emphasize certain areas just so we can all be on the same page without any misunderstandings and have their day run as smoothly as I can possibly make it for them.  Especially the part of the Paparazzi Guest…oh yes…I have a special area designated for them in my contract.

A paparazzi guest, to make it simple, is a guest that gets in front of the professional’s camera and starts capturing the event as if they were the ones that were paid to do so, in many cases ruining the perfect shot the professional has set up, and been paid, to take.

Now don’t get me wrong, we’re not saying guest should not take any photos while we are around, in fact, we encourage guests to take photos along with us, as long as they don’t block the shot. For example, you can take photos from your seat just fine, but when you step in the isle to do so, blocking the first kiss as newly weds, then we have an issue. We like to ask our couples to kindly ask their guests to stay in their seats in order for us to capture the shot you paid good money for. Let’s be realistic, photography is not cheap, and these moments are ones that will last a lifetime.

A colleague and videographer Alan Phung from CinetureStudio shared a situation he experienced with a papparazzi guest that puts it into perspective for you…how would you feel if your wedding photos turned out like this:

You can still see the kiss….but it doesn’t end there….

The moment of your very first kiss as newly weds has been blocked forever!!!!!

Luckily 90% of the Weddings we have done, guests have been more that helpful in this area, but some just need a little reminder that there are professionals at work. Don’t worry, we will get all the shots, and then some, to capture the entire event in a professional manner, with a professional camera and deliver a professional product!

Have you ever had this happen to you? as a photographer, videographer or in your own wedding?! Would love to know your thoughts! Please comment below!



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